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Ultra Vintage Overdyed Persian Rugs

From living rooms in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles to upscale lofts in Paris, Brooklyn and Berlin, Overdyed Persian rugs have become the new home decor status symbols. Thanks to a modern upcycling process, the Old World prestige and quality of these hand-knotted rugs are able to be enjoyed in modern colors and styles.

If you love the appeal and cachet of an authentic Persian carpet, but can’t find a complementary match for your sophisticated modern interior among the busy multi-colored patterns of traditional rugs from Iran, Ultra Vintage can offer the perfect fit. High quality old hand-knotted Persian rugs are sourced and run through the over-dye process to create unique new floor coverings that are now coveted by design professionals and celebrities alike.

The multi-step process, sometimes referred to as antique wash, begins with the right Persian rug. It must be in great condition, with no apparent damage, and made of organic materials, generally a cotton foundation and a wool pile, that can absorb the new dye. The next step is to soak the rug in a neutralizing solution that contains an amount of bleach proportionate to the desired effect, whether that is a minimal fade, to retain more of the original visual structure and color, or maximum fade for a hint of pattern that works best with lighter more muted colors.

Our artisan partners are then entrusted to dye the rug with a color palette that reflects contemporary trends. Ultra vintage overdyed rugs come in bold shades like bright green, hot pink, and turquoise as well as sophisticated muted shades of mushroom, bone, and an array of grays. The saturated hues united with the faint allure of traditional patterns combine to create spectacular pieces that can serve as the spark of inspiration for any decorating project.

Featured in home decor magazines such as Architectural Digest, Dwell, Wallpaper, Metropolitan Home, Domus, and of course Better Homes and Gardens, these so-called patina rugs can bring a refined air to any room of the house. However, it’s no longer necessary to spend a fortune to acquire these uniquely functional yet artful floor coverings. Handknotted.com is the premier producer of ultra vintage overdyed rugs with a wide range of colors and design. These rugs are sold direct to you so there is minimal mark-up.

Whether your living room is in Williamsburg, Fishtown, Malibu, or Montmartre, an overdyed rug can add a level of tremendous style at an unbeatable price. Best of all, the recycled nature of these beautiful rugs gives you another opportunity to do your part in saving the environment.


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