PERSIAN RUGS – Exceptional Quality

PERSIAN RUGS: HISTORY The history of the “Persian carpet” is rich and storied, dating back 2500 years. The dawn of carpet weaving in the Persian Empire is widely thought to have been during the reign of Cyrus the Great in the 6th Century BC. In fact, historians and folklorists alike have written about the ruler’s …

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Hand Knotted

Hand Knotted Rugs: The Investment Piece

There are stocks, bonds, real estate, cryptocurrency, art, vintage cars, and rugs. People around the world buy all of these items in the hope that they will not only hold, but increase in value in the years to come. Rugs fall into a handful of investment categories: collectibles, antiques, handicrafts, et. Investment in collectibles is …

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Kazak Rugs: Vintage Geometric Designs

Origins and History The original Kazak rugs were not linked to a particular country or ethnic group, but rather to a general region. They were woven by women in the geographic region of the Caucasus and further south. Originally woven by nomadic Turks who arrived in the region following their western migration in the 11th …

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Mashad Rugs: Embodiment of Persian Tradition

Origins Mashad rugs are woven in northeastern Iran in the large Khorasan province which borders Turkmenistan. Mashad has transformed from a small village to the second most populous city in Iran, and a popular tourist destination. The Shrine of Imam Reza, the eighth Imam in Shiite Islam, is located in the city of Mashad and …

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Kerman Rugs: Flights of Fancy

Kerman rugs come in a wide range of color and design, but they all have something in common. Almost invariably, Kerman carpets evoke a sense of wonder. They weave together whimsical floral patterns in such inventive ways that they were once considered the best of Persian rugs. Ranging from the most eye-popping reds and pinks …

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Isfahan Rugs: Celebrated Works of Art

Isfahan rugs are quite possibly the finest rugs in the world, in terms of both beauty and quality. They are woven tightly with the highest quality soft “kork” wool and adorned with silk details. It’s no surprise they are so beautiful and fine considering where the carpets originate. Born of Unparalleled Culture Isfahan, or Esfahan …

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