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Mystic Hand-Knotted Moroccan Rugs

Morocco is a country like no other. Bold, luminous colors cover every space and surface, giving a warm glow to the land and its people. This uniquely inviting quality once compelled western luminaries like Yves Saint Laurent and James Baldwin to make the country their home.

Morocco continues to entice with its uniquely warm and comforting sophistication. Nowhere is this intimate worldliness more evident than in its rug creations. From the vintage Berber carpets knotted by hand in the Atlas Mountains, to the flat weave tribal rugs, Beni Ourain, Azilal, and Boucherouite rugs, they are all as unique as the country and people.

The West’s infatuation with Moroccan rugs began in the mid-20th century when modernist designers like Le Corbusier, Eames, and Mies van der Rohe fell in love with how these rugs complimented their sleekly designed furniture. Mid-century modern furniture is a natural fit with Moroccan rugs. The primitive simple designs in the rugs reflect the simple lines of the architecturally inspired furniture yet add a warm touch to offset the sometimes austere quality of modern interiors. With mid-century modern design coming back into vogue, Moroccan rugs are once again in the spotlight.

Almost all Moroccan rugs are handmade from start to finish. From shearing the wool, to washing and dying the wool, to weaving the rugs knot by knot, every step of the process is carried out manually. The techniques have evolved over the years, but derive from ancient knotting and weaving methods passed down over centuries from weaver to weaver. Another source of knot methodology for the Moroccans was brought in by the Persians in the 14th century. The most popular Moroccan rugs seen in the west are the thick hand-knotted Beni Ourain rugs woven and used by the Berber people in the high Atlas mountains. The thick, heavy pile is perfect for cold winters. These rugs are often used as bed coverings, sleeping mats, and saddle blankets.

While Beni Ourain is one of the most recognizable styles, Moroccan rugs aren’t limited to them! At lower altitudes, you’ll find the brighter colors and thinner piles in Azilal carpets and Boucherouite “rag rugs” which are growing in popularity.

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