Oriental Rugs

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“Oriental Rug” is a moniker used originally by Europeans when they became aware of and began to appreciate the art of handmade rugs across the Islamic world and beyond. Essentially, the term can be applied to rugs made in an area rug dealers call the Rug Belt, which spans North African rug producing countries, Middle Eastern countries, Central Asia, all the way east through India, Pakistan, China, and Tibet.

Oriental carpets are made using techniques, materials, and designs as varied as their countries of origin. They can be woven flat or with a pile using unique knotting techniques. Designs range from the simplistic Moroccan and Tibetan carpets to the most ornate Persian and Turkish rugs. Sizes range from the scale of a small notebook to carpets large enough for palace ballrooms. The range of Oriental carpets is so wide and eclectic that it must be broken down into individual regions and the characteristics that define rugs made in those regions or countries